Probate and Estate Services

Probate is Latin for “it is proved”, it is a process whereby an executor is granted the legal right to administer a deceased estate.

Upon death, an appointed executor deals with the assets and liabilities of the deceased. Typically this involves a number of key responsibilities such as:

  • Determining whether a grant is needed or not
  • Obtaining a grant (if necessary)
  • Identifying whether Probate or Letters of Administration is required
  • Dealing with the identification of assets and liabilities
  • Reviewing and administering assets such as property, investments and bank accounts
  • Preparing and submitting outstanding personal & estate tax returns

Since this can be a difficult role and taking into consideration the emotion and stress at such times, some find it easier to appoint a professional.

We have been personally granted a licence to provide probate services, by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). This enables us to offer comprehensive probate and estate services without the need to involve third party’s allowing for a much simplified process.