“Keith has been a life saver. He pulled our mess of accounts into order in less than two weeks.”

An interview with Rebecca Parks about her experience of working with Jefferies Accountancy Services Ltd.

Keith Jefferies Accountancy

What was your situation, Rebecca, when you first approached Keith?

Keith helped us with an urgent request. We needed to claim our Working Tax Credit (WTC) renewal by 31st July 2019. Since my husband and I are both self-employed, we needed to include our estimated figures for income and expenses. Usually I manage my husband’s books and my own, and I’m on top of everything, so gathering the information required for the WTC is fine. But unfortunately, due to long-term illness, I’d been suffering from extreme exhaustion which made it difficult to concentrate. As a result, our accounts were a mess.

When the last dreaded letter appeared in the post, I only had two months left to gather all the information together for the WTC application. So, I went to Keith with the cheeky request that our books and accounts be done within a 2-week window. It was a tight deadline, but Keith happily took this urgent project on, and as promised, the tax returns were done to a very high standard within the time scale. I was a bit embarrassed about our situation, since I’m usually on top of the paperwork. But Keith was such a gentleman. He was very sensitive, and he simply listened. He just said, “Let’s get this done!” He’s got fantastic communication skills, by phone and email.

Why did you decide you needed a professional accountant’s help?

I didn’t want the hassle of trying to bring all the information together myself in such a small window of time. And I wanted to be 100% certain that the figures were correct for the WTC claim.

What made you choose to work with Jefferies Accountancy Services?

I’m part of the Admin team for the Henley Recommendations (HR) group on Facebook. At the beginning of July, I searched for ‘Accountant’ in the HR group and saw that Keith Jefferies, Jefferies Accountancy Services, was recommended several times. His name came out with the top number of recommendations, so I called his office and spoke to the receptionist who put me straight through. He was very sympathetic. We arranged a meeting for a few days later and sat together for an hour to discuss the situation.

How did Keith help you?

I handed Keith a mess, including both sets of banks statements. I asked him to complete it in two weeks, but it was a quick turnaround and he had it all done within eight days! He was amazing. I wasn’t expecting it so fast, and it was a complete relief. I slept like an angel after two weeks of not sleeping at all from worry.

Did you feel that using a professional accountant was valuable?

Absolutely. He gave me a ballpark figure and told me the maximum number of hours he’d need to charge. He even offered to work more hours and not charge for them if they were needed. He was transparent about how many hours he spent. He advised the maximum fee would be £800, which was a lot of money for us – the equivalent of a month’s rent. But we knew what to expect and, in the end, the final fee was actually lower. It was a total relief and I can’t thank him enough.

Was there anything else Keith did that was beyond the norm?

There’s more to Keith than just someone you send your paperwork to. He also spent an extra half hour explaining marital tax to me, which saved us another £1,250. And we had some good chats about lots of different topics! I even gave him some recommendations for electricians and plumbers. I think we’ve developed a good friendship on the back of his professional expertise. He’s compassionate and someone you can trust.

How important was being local to Henley for you?

It’s great Keith is just down the road. I can’t drive so it’s easy for me to walk and pop in. It’s easier to discuss things face-to-face, rather than over the phone. He’s so very nice and courteous that I know I can pop by Chiltern House, Station Road,  just to say hello.

Keith Jefferies Accountancy

Keith Jefferies with happy client, Rebecca, at Chiltern House Business Centre (Henley)

Will you work with Keith again?

Yes, he’ll definitely be used next year. He’s got us as customers for life! The value he provided was amazing, and we trust him and find him to be fair.

Thanks for your valuable, detailed feedback, Rebecca. It was a pleasure helping you!

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